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About Wang On Properties

Wang On Properties

Listed by way of a spin-off on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 2016, Wang On Properties Limited (SEHK stock code: 1243) is a subsidiary of Wang On Group Limited (“Wang On Group” (SEHK stock code: 1222), one of Hong Kong’s most competitive property developers.

Adhering to the solid foundation of parent company Wang On Group, Wang On Properties is actively involved in property development and property investment projects in Hong Kong. Wang On Properties is highly committed to developing of luxury homes and boutique residential property, with projects situated in core locations throughout the city including “Meister House”, “Godi”, “The Met. Focus”, “The Met. Sublime” and “The Met. Delight”, which are all well received by investors and residents. Wang On Properties’ significant credibility helps to lay a strong foundation for long-term stability and development of the company.

At the same time, Wang On Properties is committed to the developing and investing of commercial projects such as “726 Nathan Road” and “LADDER Dundas” to meet the market’s continuous demand of commercial property. Wang On Properties is also involved in property investment through sale and rental of units, and purchased A-grade office properties in recent years to diversify its investment portfolio.

The Company launched its residential properties, “The Met. Bliss” and “The Met. Blossom” in 2016 and was widely welcomed by the market. The properties attracted single, young couples, first-time and investor buyers, and was all sold out in a short period of time. The Company expects that factors such as strong demand in housing and low interest rate will be beneficial to Hong Kong property market as a whole.

In recent years, Wang On Properties has taken an active role in government land sale and is determined to develop more boutique residential and commercial projects. In the coming years, Wang On Properties will make persistent effort to develop different types of quality property in order to create long-term value for its assets and ultimately become a leading property development enterprise.

Corporate Value


Wang On Properties is committed to the vision of “implementing passion as the cornerstone to build for the future” in creating a better place to live for the next generation.


Founded on clear vision, exceptional judgment, rich experience and a passion-oriented basis, we maintain a positive attitude towards Hong Kong’s rapidly changing property landscape and will consistently strive to build the perfect home.


To implement the spirit of “making progress while ensuring stability”, we are firmly established on a solid foundation and will continue to seize on new opportunities and develop potential projects to become the leading real estate enterprise.

A Passion For Tomorrow

In Chinese, “Wang” means profound and far-reaching, while “On”conveys stability in the creation of peaceful living for the generations to come. Utilizing great foresight and exquisite craftsmanship to build for the future is the mission of Wang On Properties.

Rooted in Hong Kong, we firmly believe that “under the lion rock, love is all around” – love connects every individual and promotes social harmony. Thus, we always practice on the passion-centered principal, build better homes and create a better tomorrow.