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Wang On Properties Limited (SEHK Stock Code:1243) is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in April 2016 by way of spin-off, Wang On Properties is a subsidiary of Wang On Group Limited (“Wang On Group”) (SEHK Stock Code: 1222), one of the Hong Kong’s most competitive property developers.

The Group will continue to uphold the motto of prudent, and actively involved in the local property development and investment, with the significant projects including boutique residential projects of “The Met. Focus”, “The Met. Sublime” and “The Met. Delight”, “The Met. Bliss”, “The Met. Blossom” , “The Met. Acappella”, “The Met. Azure” under “The Met.” series, luxury residential project of “Maya” under “Nouvelle” series and house project of "Meister House", "Godi". The Group also developed Ginza-styled commercial complex “LADDER Dundas” under the “LADDER” series.

Moving forward, Wang On Properties continues to participate actively in land auctions of the Government and develops various quality properties by applying sustainable principles to create long-term value for its assets, leading to an excellent property development enterprise.

Corporate Value


Wang On Properties is committed to the vision of “implementing passion as the cornerstone to build for the future” in creating a better place to live for the next generation.


Founded on clear vision, exceptional judgment, rich experience and a passion-oriented basis, we maintain a positive attitude towards Hong Kong’s rapidly changing property landscape and will consistently strive to build the perfect home.


To implement the spirit of “making progress while ensuring stability”, we are firmly established on a solid foundation and will continue to seize on new opportunities and develop potential projects to become the leading real estate enterprise.

A Passion For Tomorrow

In Chinese, “Wang” means profound and far-reaching, while “On”conveys stability in the creation of peaceful living for the generations to come. Utilizing great foresight and exquisite craftsmanship to build for the future is the mission of Wang On Properties.

Rooted in Hong Kong, we firmly believe that “under the lion rock, love is all around” – love connects every individual and promotes social harmony. Thus, we always practice on the passion-centered principal, build better homes and create a better tomorrow.