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Wang On Properties signs with two major international and local banks a sustainability-linked loan of HK$678.4 million designated for the redevelopment of a property project located at Nos. 120-130 Main Street, Ap Lei Chau . 17 Jan 2023
Wang On Properties and five major international and local banks sign a 3.5-year sustainability-linked loan of HK$1,467.92 million designated for the development of a property project located at 101 and 111 King’s Road, Fortress Hill. 12 Dec 2022
Wang On Properties converts HK$1,450 million club loan to sustainability-linked loan with six local and international banks. 05 Aug 2022
Wang On Properties donates more than 1 million epidemic-related supplies to the community, which serves more than 10,000 people. Donations including 5000 boxes of rapid antigen test, 1000 bags of Wai Yuen Tong anti-epidemic lucky bag, 1200 boxes of Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang, surgical masks, and daily necessities, etc. Beneficiaries including Hong Kong CPPCC Youth Association, Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link, Youth Development Foundation, H.K. United Youth Exchange Foundation Limited, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Taoist Association, Hong Kong Volunteers Against Coronavirus and the Anti-Coronavirus Link, Tsing Yi mobile cabin hospital, and Choice English School and Kindergarten (Tsing Yi Branch). 01 Apr 2022
Wang On Properties donates anti-epidemic bags from Wai Yuen Tong and Covid-19 rapid antigen tests to Hong Kong New Arrivals Services Foundation Limited, to support low-income households living in subdivided flats in Sham Shui Po. 23 Feb 2022
Wang On Properties sponsors grassroots families from Hong Kong New Arrivals Services Foundation Limited to visit The Hong Kong Disneyland in free-of-charge. 24 Oct 2021
Wang On Properties organizes festive visiting programs through Hong Kong New Arrivals Services Foundation Limited, spreading love and blessings to the underprivileged families who live in subdivided apartments. 04 Sep 2021
Wang On Properties supports Project Wecan’s Young Innovators Bazzar by providing professional advice for secondary students to create businesses from scratch and encouraging young entrepreneurs. 02 Jul 2021
Wang On Properties and Wai Yuen Tong hold a mock interview session with Form 5 students from Caritas Yuen Long Chan Chun Ha Secondary School. 25 May 2021
Wang On Properties visits families in need in Un Chau Estate and gives out carnation silk flowers and anti-epidemic materials on Mother’s Day. 08 May 2021
Wang On Properties title sponsored the route of a charity walk, “Wang On Properties presents: A Walk in Shing Mun River”, held by Po Leung Kuk, invited employees to team up and participate in the donation together. 07 Feb 2021
Wang On Properties supports elderlies and grassroots families by distributing coral down blankets and Wai Yuen Tong Sea coconut and Pear syrup coupons. 31 Dec 2020
Wang On Properties and Wai Yuen Tong work together to present mooncake and festive blessings to the senior citizens who live in Tung Wah Group of Hospitals elderly homes. 01 Oct 2020
Wang On Properties supports Sham Shui Po Sports Association Ltd football training class. 03 Nov 2019
Wang On Properties supports “Hong Kong Disneyland 10K Weekend 2019”. 02 Nov 2019
Wang On Properties distributes “Chi Lin’s mooncakes” to TWGHs Sharing the festive joy with the elderly. 12 Sep 2019
Wang On Properties supports TWGHs Flag day 2019. 31 Aug 2019
Being the corporate Partner of Project WeCan, the business-in-community program initiated by the Wharf group for local students, Wang On Properties has been organizing various activities for our partner secondary school since 2019. 30 May 2019
Established Wang On Properties Academic Excellence Scholarship for BBA Students of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. 14 Mar 2019
Wang On Properties supports “Cookies 2018 Run”. 21 Oct 2018
Wang On Properties and Wai Yuen Tong celebrate Mid-autumn Festival 2018 with mooncakes giveaway. 21 Sep 2018
Wang On Group Charity Vegetarian Dinner 2018 cum 2nd Listing Anniversary of Wang On Properties raises funds for the children with special education needs (SEN) of our NGO partner, Hong Kong Children & Youth Services. 14 Aug 2018
Wang On Properties and Wai Yuen Tong donate charity mooncakes to celebrate mid-Autumn Festival with those in need. 03 Oct 2017
Wang On Properties received “President’s Award” from The Community Chest. 26 Jun 2017
Wang On Properties supports Hong Kong, Kowloon Walk for Millions 2017. 08 Jan 2017
Wang On Properties supports Po Leung Kuk Charity Run 2016. 04 Dec 2016


“ESG Prize” of the InnoESG Prize 2022

Organizer: SocietyNext Foundation; the UNESCO Hong Kong Association Global Peace Centre and Rotary District 3450

Awarded company: Wang On Properties

General Member

Organizer: Business Environment Council

Awarded company: Wang On Properties

Corporate Member

Organizer: Urban Land Institute

Awarded company: Wang On Properties

2018-2021 “Caring Company Scheme” Caring Company

Organizer: The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Awarded company: Wang On Properties

Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

Organizer: Environmental Campaign Committee

Awarded company: Lake Silver & The Parkside Day Day Fresh wet market

Our Commitment

Wang On Properties puts its long-established vision of a passion-oriented business to practice, undertaking corporate social responsibility, we shall continue to contribute to the community in various ways, contributing to various public welfare activities, caring for the disadvantaged, to build a harmonious and inclusive society



We partner with charitable organizations to provide regular home visits to needy families to bring them daily necessities and holiday blessings. Staff is also encouraged and mobilized to participate in volunteer activities and give back to the community. Amid the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, we donated surgical masks to social welfare organizations and distributed anti-epidemic materials, to spread love to people in need.

Charitable Activities and Donations

We actively take part in charitable activities through different channels and encourage our employees and their family members to join and contribute to society. To sponsor Po Leung Kuk Charity Walk, Po Leung Kuk Flag Day, free visit to Hong Kong Disneyland, and charity movie screening, broaden the horizon of the grassroots family, and encourage them to integrate into society.

Youth & Education

Scholarship and Sponsorship

We support talented students by funding youth education both in Hong Kong and Mainland, such as the establishment of Wang On Properties Academic Excellence Scholarship for BBA Students of Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, commencing 2018/19.

Youth Development

We organize career-tasting events , workshops, workplace visits or internship programmes for students to develop practical skills in real working environment while encouraging our staffs to have conversations with younger generations.


Personal Development and Corporate Growth

We believe that the future of company development hinges on the strength of its employees. Staff members are encouraged to pursue lifelong learning to enhance the group's sustainable development. We empower our valuable employees by providing diversified training that not only upgrades their skill set but also stimulates their personal growth. Topics include leadership skills, communication, business strategy, mainland affairs, personal skill, and team-building training.

Healthy Living Culture

We care about the physical and mental health of our employees. We hold a variety of sporty events to encourage staff to pursue sustainable living and work-life balance. Also a keen supporter of family-friendly work culture, we invite family members of our employees to company events. It does not only improve the relationship between the employee and their families, but also strengthens the employee’s sense of belonging.