Business Overview

Our Business

Meticulous design, Exceptional properties

Wang On Properties’s core business is in the development of leading-edge residential and commercial properties which are situated in prime locations throughout Hong Kong. Boutique residential property series “the met.” and Ginza-styled commercial property series “LADDER” are the Group’s key development projects, committed to create ideal homes and superior commercial buildings.

"NOUVELLE" is the new luxury residence brand series crafted with heart by Wang On Properties. Meaning "new", the French word can be used as an adjective to describe things "new" and "fresh", and as a noun, it refers to "news". The name conveys the promise of the brand to offer new experiences to residents every day. Creating a new concept for luxury residence.

“the met.”, known as the boutique residential series, is situated in the heart of Hong Kong and is well received by residents and investors. “the met.” means “Metropolis city, Metro rail, and encounter”, which is attributable to the residential property’s central location in the metropolis, conveniently connected with public transport, and its refined facilities that are met with exquisite taste. In the future, Wang On Properties will seize on new opportunities and continue to launch projects of “the met.” series to further expand its business.

“LADDER” is characteristic of a Ginza-styled commercial design that features a unique concept of skyscraping stairs, with each storey representing its own unique fabulousness. “LADDER” projects are in the centre of visitor flow and high consumption power, giving businesses a competitive edge. In recent years, Wang On has been actively developing Ginza-styled commercial buildings and will strive to identify more favorable locations to further expand its brand in becoming the hallmark destination of fashionable brands, popular dining options as well as leisure and entertainment.