The Met. Sublime

Being the second project in “The Met.” Boutique Residential Series, ”The Met. Sublime” is also the pioneer residential project of the Group in Hong Kong Island. Adhering to the norm of “The Met.” Series, The Met. Sublime is located at the west hub of the Island. Together with the future West Island railway line, ensuring first mover advantage.
Stylish design equipped with meticulous selection of fittings and finishes, The Met. Sublime provides a quality living standard. Jointly with the swimming pool and club facilities, residents would definitely embrace pleasure of life.

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Street names and building numbersNo.1 Kwai Heung Street

RegionSai Yung Poon


The Met. BlossomMa On Shan

The Met. FocusHung Hom

The Met. DelightCheung Sha Wan

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