The Met. Focus

“The Met.” is the first Boutique Residential Series introduced by the Group. “Met” can be interpreted as Metropolis and Metro, representing the properties possess a superior location with advantages of the comprehensive transportations system around. “Met” can also be known as “to Meet”, which means to ultimately reach the goal you have pursued for a lifetime, an ideal home like no other.
“The Met. Focus” is the first project in the series. Located in Hung Hom, the core of Kowloon, standing on the vantage point where three MTR lines covered and adjacent to the upcoming focus development area-Kai Tak Metropolis. The Met. Focus-a place of limitless potential awaits. Simple and cozy design with star rated hotel-style services can definitely pamper the metropolitan elite leisurely style. Units are mainly Studio Flats in Hotel-style design, specialty flats are equipped with spacious terrace or roof for exclusive enjoyment.

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Street names and building numbersNo.8 Pak Hung Street

RegionHung Hom


The Met. BlossomMa On Shan

The Met. SublimeSai Yung Poon

The Met. DelightCheung Sha Wan

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